The Patch Quilt Pony

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The Patch Quilt Pony
by Laura Wittman Pegg The Patch Quilt Pony takes you through the endearing memories of a much loved childhood toy. Although left behind, the patch quilt pony shares his fond memories with the reader. This favorite toy reminisces of fanciful fun and tender moments, all spent with one very special child. Like so many forgotten playthings, the patch quilt pony provided adventure, imagination, comfort, and love for one little girl. This story brings heartwarming entertainment to children of all ages. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Laura Wittman Pegg, the author and illustrator of The Patch Quilt Pony, lives in St. George, Utah, with her husband Mike, her son Jason, and her daughter Jessica. Mrs. Pegg has spent the last sixteen years working with disabled students, and she especially enjoys assisting the students with artwork and special projects. Her other interests include painting, gardening, and searching for collectibles. Lauras body of work includes poetry, short stories, coloring books, and several other childrens stories. (2006, paperback, 32 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.