The Perdition: Tales of a Broken World

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The Perdition: Tales of a Broken World

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The Perdition: Tales of a Broken World
by Mukuro

You live your life as safe and secure as possible. You work at your job, making your money, and you do the best for yourself and your family. You watch every step you take. You do your best to not stand out. You are the perfect tool of self-preservation protected within your own beliefs.

To you, everything is right with the world.

Then, within an instant, your whole life shatters.

Everything changes, and you realize the reality you once believe in is a myth. What was once thought to be fiction is real, very real. There is no escape. You can only accept and deal with it.

Now, you only hope lies within your ability to survive, or you will perish within the madness of the dark.

The world is teeming with stories that are extraordinary and emotional. The collection of stories you are about to read is not for everyone. The stories might anger you. They might surprise you. But they are stories that must be told. And with this understanding, may you know the truth behind the veil.

Open the door, shatter your mindand may the truth set you free.

About the Author

The writer known as Mukuro has lived his life through hardships and turmoil. Hardships are different for each person. One person might have gotten beaten, another could be shattered from the day they were born. But there is one constant everyone experiences. There is a single, solitary moment when the person who is suffereing hits the bottom of their hardships. It is at this point that one can either burn or find meaning within the pains one has experienced. It was at that moment the writer decided to pick up the pen. Finding strength within pain, finding a new focus in life, he strives to teach freedom and find that unique freedom himself. He teaches a freedom from everything that straps a being down. Each day threatening to be the last, he will continue, past death and persecution, until one day the universe is free.

(2010, paperback, 234 pages)