The Pink Spider

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The Pink Spider

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The Pink Spider
by Sandra Crawford

The Pink Spider is a delightful story about a spider that has an unusual name and how he got his name. He is a fun-loving spider who is curious about the sights and smells around his home. The farm where he lives is the perfect place to explore and find new things to see.

Only loves to explore new places and find new places to hide. He lives in a barn on a beautiful farm, but he is especially curious about the house near the barn where he lives. You see, people live in the house, and they are always doing things that are of great interest to him.

One day he wanders into the house. He hears noises and smells something different. Youll have to see what happens to him and why his name was changed to Only.

About the Author

Sandy Crawford is a Minister of Music and native of Baltimore. She has been writing since 1974 and her first work was published in the 1999 National Library of Poetrys Anthology, Guided by Voices: Shadows of Prejudice. She was awarded the Editors Choice Award in 1998 and 2003 for her unique style of writing.

The inspiration to publish her works came when she lost her thirty-two year old daughter, Karen in 1999. With encouragement from her son, David and Grandson, Anthony; she found strength to go on. The song, Gone too Soon became the tribute to her daughter and her writing began her tribute to the readers. Other works include: Tripping Over Shadows, Issues, From Way Down, Back in the Day and Buckets for Boots (a childrens story).

(2010, paperback, 46 pages)