The Pommel Stone of Dilos

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The Pommel Stone of Dilos
by G.D. Haverland The world of Dilos under two moons is now at peace, though evil will soon rise again from history and legend. Twin brothers Shadon and Madra, rejected in their youth by their peers for being different from the norm, are found to be the recipients of prophecy. In their teen years, a wizard undertakes the task of educating and training them and a childhood friend, Bo, in preparation for what is to come. A battle for the survival of their world against a dark warlord and his evil sorcerer, who reemerge from ages past, commanding an army bent to their will. Swords and magic are not the only weapons wielded in this conflict, nor mortal life and freedom the only prizes to be won or lost. ABOUT THE AUTHOR The author grew up in the fifties on a small ranch west of Denver, Colorado, reading works from Burroughs to Shakespeare. After high school, he traveled the West Coast for a year before serving a tour of duty in the Air Force. After discharge in 74, he studied the arts at Denver University and worked as a technical assistant on the Alaskan Pipeline Project. He later moved to Washington State, where he now resides. In the eighties, he joined a medieval recreation society and worked to create a historically accurate portrayal of a twelfth-century Welsh archer; and during that time, he also volunteered as that character at the Tacoma Childrens Museum and several schools in the area. He later spent a few months in Japan overseeing the construction of an all-glass meeting room at a golf course and thoroughly enjoyed the country and her people. In 95, he volunteered as a greeter in the guise of a pirate at the Tacoma Tall Ships Celebration. He enjoys ancient history, the outdoors, wildlife, and natural science. (2007, paperback, 328 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.