The Problem Is Not Technology, the Problem Is You!

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The Problem Is Not Technology, the Problem Is You!
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The Problem Is Not Technology, the Problem Is You!
by Country Boy

Reading the following pages will show you that this is a way of venting. You may see anger or frustration. You will see criticism of business practices today.

The author has written several to several businesses and CEOs calling them out for their rude and incompetent practices. He has never received a response, though. Businesses no longer seem to care. The market for their product has grown so much that they dont care if they lose regular customers or not.

Still, dont lose hope. Remember that letting employees of business know how stupid some of this can be is helpful. Writing the CEO may get some things done. Be logical and use common sense.

About the Author:

The author was born and raised in a very small town in southern Illinois. His grandfather owned a good amount of farmland. The author worked on the farm during his young life.

In the early 1950s, his family moved to Springfield, Illinois. The author (barely) graduated from Springfield High School. He tried the college route, but his desire for a good time took precedence over his desire to study.

The author was hired by a medium-sized company near St. Louis. He was promoted from the district office all the way to making billion dollar decisions for the company.

During this time, six wonderful and successful children appeared. The author is very proud of them. After thirty years, the author retired. Still, he couldnt resist his desire to work and be productive. He took many temporary jobs where he would set records for accomplishing tasks in a quarter of the time it took others.

Where the author learned the secret he cant remember, but he is very happy that he did. The secret of working hard and being honest were his route to all his success. Common sense and logic guided his decisions.

The authors desire is to reach some people who will adopt his same philosophy and be successful in their personal and work lives. He wishes everyone well.

(2016, Paperback, 138 pages)