The Prom Queen

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The Prom Queen

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The Prom Queen
by Gary Michaelman

The Prom Queen by Gary Michaelman is a love storysometimes traumatic, sometimes lighthearted. Three people meeting during a writers conference find each other. One is a widowed author, one is the main speaker at the conference, and one is a young man running away from a crime scene.

Gary Michaelmans first novel will help you see love outside the traditional family setting. It is a novel you will remember.
Glenda Bixler

I started reading The Prom Queen by Gary Michaelman and couldnt put it down. It was highly enjoyable and definitely left me wanting more. I hope he will write more.
Todd Stanfield

About the Author

The author is a very private person indebted to Sally Simon and Randy Mennella for helping make his dream of publishing this novel come true.

(2009, paperback, 162 pages)