The Quest for the Golden Flower

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The Quest for the Golden Flower
by Emma and Phyllis Sloniker There was no right or wrong flower. The hand plucking the bloom determined the outcome, and there was only one hand in the kingdom worthy enough to pluck the golden flower. All across the kingdom the search was on for the golden flower. King Garrett III was ill and his only chance for survival was to drink a magical healing tea made from the petals of a golden flower. However, the golden flower was not easily gotten; there was an obstacle. Marie, along with her kitty, Honey, started their quest to find the golden flower in the hopes of claiming a reward, but when Marie learns the king is ill, the quest takes on new meaning. Determined to save the king, Marie must overcome fear and find strength to believe in herself. Will knowing the truth and accepting the past give Marie the power she needs to save the king? Or will the obstacles she and Honey face be too great a challenge? Join the adventure. Learn the mysterious secret behind the golden flower. Follow Marie and Honey on their quest as they encounter one surprise after another, including a giant toad and a fire-breathing dragon. Discover, along with Marie, the importance of friendship and how powerful truth can be. (2005, paperback, 70 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.