The Ragman 1

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The Ragman 1
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The Ragman
by Joseph Schillaci

This story was based on a collection of the authors actual experiences and stories told to him by friends and family.

Schillaci needed to tell the story to future family members and decided about 20 years ago to bring this book to fruition.

Schillaci had the opportunity to learn about the dress industry first hand. He worked beside his dad for over 15 years. The one important principal that he learned was to treat your employees with respect. Your success or failure was based on their loyalty. Schillacis dad captured the loyalty of most of the people that worked under him.

Schillacis dad was a remarkable individual who went against all odds to become an American success story. His character and dedication to family and friends was a major factor in his success in business. As a child it was not very obvious what Schillacis dad had to overcome to support his family. As the author grew older, the realization was overwhelming. Hence, the idea to put his life into words for all to see.

Schillaci will never be able to express the real character and personality of Rocky Schillaci. But for those who knew him they will attest to his special persona.

For all of the future Schillacis, it will simply be a way to attest to a great man and his accomplishments. Hopefully some of these genes will spread through the generations to come. In future years for those family members who need to find the will to pursue their goals, Rocky can be their inspiration.

With all his love, the author presents this manuscript in honor of a great man and the successful son of a Sicilian immigrant.

(2013, paperback, 50 pages)