The Reign of the Dark Demons

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The Reign of the Dark Demons
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The Reign of the Dark Demons
by Jak Maggai

Darkness suddenly arises and the world is threatened to face its ultimate end. One by one, the hopes of survival for the races that reside in this planet is rapidly fading. The only spark of hope that remains is found at the heart of the young, daredevil purple dragon called Jhin.

Thousands of years have passed since Bat, Hero of Dark, had to fight and face Ravenclaw for the worlds existence. Now, a new force of evil has been conjured. With the reckoning power of the Shaddow Hydra and Bats untimely cruel death, there seems to be nothing or no one that can stop Larvaxs deadly plansno one except Shaddou.

Following the clues and hints that are given to them, Jhin, together with the golden-yellow dragon, Saffron, must embark on an arduous journey that will decide the fate of the world and all of its inhabitants.

About the Author

Jak Maggai lives in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. His fascination in drawing has given birth to the fictional characters of this book, which is eleven years in the making. Jak also has Aspergers Syndrome, which is a form of Autism.

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(2014, Paperback, 124 pages)