The Rise and Fall of the Mayor & Governor

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The Rise and Fall of the Mayor & Governor
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The Rise and Fall of the Mayor & Governor
by Shawn Siler

The Rise and Fall of the Mayor & Governor tells of how two self-made drug lords learn the error of their ways.

Slim and Bone now share control of the illegal drug trade in the neighborhood around 7 Mile. With Slim's fearlessness coupled with Bone's business savvy, their operation soon grows into an interstate network that earns thousands of dollars a week. With such wealth and power funneling into their households each day, it is no wonder that both are blind to the havoc they are causing themselves and everyone they hold dear.

Along with the massive payoffs, frequent booty calls, and getting high, Slim and Bone's days are filled with raids, shootouts, showdowns, and regular run-ins with the law.

As Slim and Bone's operation continues to grow bigger, they hire new members. But they soon learn that they have unwittingly brought a traitor in their midst. Once the inevitable betrayal comes to pass, their life of crime unravels, sending them to their downfall.

About the Author

Shawn Dwain Siler was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1974. He was raised by his mother Donna Jones and grandmother Judy Lockhart. He has two sons, Jaylen and Jordan. They are the love of his life.

Shawn was in the streets all the time at an early age. At age twenty-six he was caught up in a drug sting and ended up doing five years in jail. These were the most miserable years of his life. The thing that hurt him the most was being away from his kids.

This book is fiction but a lot of the things in the book are similar to the things that occurred in his life. His book is action-packed and full of drama; so sit back and enjoy the ride on the mean streets of Detroit.

(2012, paperback, 98 pages)