The Road of Sorrow

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The Road of Sorrow

The Road of Sorrow

By: Christine Hale

About the Book

Do genetics or circumstances shape the course of a person life? Are mental disorders or addictions in the realm of a person choice?

                The Road of Sorrow is based on the true story of one man’s journey with mental illness, drug addiction, and great losses. Rusty lived his life on the edge, rejecting those who loved him the most. His personal losses exceeded those of an average person. With each loss, Rusty turned inward, changing his character and his need to feel whole and loved. Each change leads him further along in the Road of Sorrow.

About the Author

Christine Hale lives in rural Pennsylvania. She is a retired registered nurse. Currently, she volunteers at a local elementary school where she helps children learn to become young authors. She enjoys writing short stories and poems. The Road of Sorrow is her first published novel.


(2021, paperback, 118 pages)

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