The Roi Empire

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The Roi Empire

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The Roi Empire
by Albert McIntyre, Jr.

The Roi Empire is a story about a young man who inherits his fathers empire. His father was a cruel man who built the empire, but in the process made many enemies within his government. When he died, his son inherited both the kingdom and the enemies too. He receives a visit from an ambassador of one of his allies and is told that one of his governments old enemies (the Jarukan) plan an attack on not only the allys system, but on the Roi Empire too. There are assassination attempts made on the ambassadors life, and the emperors life as well. A battle is fought between the Roi Empire and Raydone system, against the Jarukans and their allies.

About the Author

My name is Albert McIntyre and I am a huge sci-fi fan. I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars. I am married and have a wonderful wife. I am from Pensacola, Florida and we love the beaches down here. I love to write because it gives me the chance to use my imagination and give others the chance to enjoy my work. I am a high school graduate who went into the Army and did some traveling.

(2010, paperback, 140 pages)