The Romanos

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The Romanos

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The Romanos
by Andrea Dumouchel

The Romanos is a tale of intrigue and romance following the lives of the three grown children of Don and Maria Christina Romano.

The Romanos own a successful and reputable business, which is run by Don Romano. But when he suffers a heart attack, he turns to his children Rafael, Izabel, and Venessa for help. As the newly appointed head of operations, Rafael soon discovers the beloved family business is being used to launder stolen jewels and, even more startling, his youngest sister may be involved. Delving further into the mystery, it is uncovered that Venessa is in love with a man with Mafia connections a man who ends up dead.

Together, the Romanos hope to save their business and their family.

About the Author

Andrea Dumouchel lives in the small town of Deep River, Ontario, Canada. She wrote this book while she was in Florianopolis, Brazil, teaching English. She has traveled extensively, working six months as a chef on an ice island in the Arctic Ocean and teaching English in China. She has also lived in Europe and visited every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada.

The Romanos is her first book, with her second to follow soon.

(2009, paperback, 258 pages)