The Roots

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The Roots
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The Roots
by Shandaka Goodner

The Roots is a book to help inspire you. It challenges you to face daily struggles that cause pain and agony. The purpose is to bring healing to those wounded areas and relieve the pain and agony you experience daily.

Not many people want to deal with the root of the problem, but at the root is where true healing begins.

About the Author:

Author Shandaka Goodner has written two books, Home Is Where My Story Began and The Roots. She is working on a third title. The Roots is the second book written, but the first to be published.

Goodner has experienced living a dysfunctional lifestyle, thus causing her to suppress the emotions of her pain. She was medicating daily just to get by. She not only talks about the pain and agony, but has lived it and is now living a life of freedom. She is a mother of six children and was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.

(2015, Paperback, 120 pages)