The Rose of Sharon

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9058-4
The Rose of Sharon

by Sharon Walker The Rose of Sharon is filled with life, love, laughter, tears of joy, and tears of sadness. Sharon hopes her readers take a part of her from each of her poems and experience a healing within. This book has been her dream to publish for many years. The title and the cover came to her one night, and this encouraged her to make her dream a reality. The Rose of Sharon is the biggest part of Sharon, which she now shares with the world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sharon Walker was born in Panama City, Panama, and has resided in Brooklyn, New York, since 1977. She has a fifteen-year-old son, Ricardo, who is her pride and joy. She anticipates for him to see that one of her dreams has finally become a reality: seeing her work in print. Sharon is a School Safety Agent in the schools of New York City. She has been blessed to be able to share her love of writing with some of her coworkers. Sharon loves to read and write poetry, and two of her inspirations are Maya Angelou and Linda Michelle Barron. A poet at heart, Sharon says her poems have been her salvation and have allowed her to travel outside of herself. They have allowed her to escape reality, even if only for a little while. (2006, paperback, 96 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.