The Saint Within Us

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The Saint Within Us

The Saint Within Us

By: Alfred J. Harradine

About the Book

You will read how the saints lived their ordinary lives in extraordinary ways and how they examined themselves to be certain they were living in faith.

You will read how living a Life in the Spirit, a personal relationship with Jesus, continued to form and guide the saints and everyday people to experience the many unbelievable, but ever so true, miracles happening today in their lives.

You will come to understand the saints’ belief that everyone of us is called to be a child of God with truth as his or her guide, love as his or her nourishment, and peace as his or her rest.

You will learn how they shared the God and Jesus within them so others could experience His presence in them, and so they too could give Him honor and praise.

You will learn how to live the Lord‘s Prayer “they kingdom come now as it is in heaven”. You will not have to wait until you go to heaven. You can experience and live that life, now, this day!


About the Author

Alfred J. Harradine and was born in 1940 in a river town in upstate New York to parents more than forty years old, with World War II on the horizon.

Harradine’s first book, just published, was titled Walk in the Light: a remarkable story of how he fell in love with life, which allowed him to be opened to what the Lord had in store for him, so he could dream beyond his own limitations and safety; to venture into the unknown knowing God would be there to guide him and direct Him to His will in miraculous ways.

Harradine’s parents were the first saints he ever met and served as the standard for recognizing the saintly life in others whom he would meet. He was taught that everyone was called by God to live saintly lives – and if this is what God wanted, then He promised to show him and all who wanted to find the way.

(2017, Paperback, 30 pages)

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