The Secret Society Saga: The Companions

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The Secret Society Saga: The Companions
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The Secret Society Saga: The Companions
by Dorothy M. Barron

A tragic and bloody accident that claims the lives of both her parents thrusts the beautiful sixteen-old Davina out of her life of pampered normalcy into a world of monsters and murder.

To her surprise, Davina, guided by her mentor, the vampire Julian, fits right into this dark community.

As Davina slips deeper into the darkness, a light that offers peace and love appears to save her from destruction. Davinas softer side is exposed as her love affair with London blooms.

An ancient talisman that hints of great power emerges and begins to stir a conflict that could end all things.

This seething world of savage emotion and dark magic forces the wizards into the realm of the elves and reveals a strange partnership between the government and a secret society that exists just out of sight.

About the Author

As a high school student, Dorothy M. Barron published poems and a short story in a local newspaper. A thirst to write was born and has never been quenched.

Dorothy has a unique gift of seeing things from a different perspective. She attempts to bring that vision through in her writing. Dorothy enjoys games of strategy and studying history.

Dorothy now lives in Arizona with her artist husband, Julius, and her dog Sacha.

(2012, paperback, 92 pages)