The Secret Species: Their Last Hope

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The Secret Species: Their Last Hope
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The Secret Species: Their Last Hope
by Jessica L. Keezel

The Secret Species: Their Last Hope was inspired by the authors desire to go beyond what she knew and saw every day. An adventure to quench a young childs thirst, The Secret Species signifies the meaning of life and fighting for what one believes in.

The protagonist, Katie Dahl ONeil, knows better than anyone that the only way to strengthen faith and trust is to put it into action. Katie goes on a grand and unforgettable journey to discover the reason behind her existence and to deliver herself to God. Along the way, she makes new friends, discovers truths, and grants the world a miracle by God using her own life.

The very title, Their Last Hope, has great significance in itself. Not only does it lead to new realization at the end of the story, but the title also serves as a paradox. The truth is of the most basic lesson one can believe about God.

About the Author:

Jessica L. Keezel, a lifelong dreamer, has done just that with the greatest of determination. This young adult has cherished the best of both worlds of an outdoor tomboy and of a quiet bookworm. Ever since she was very young, Jessica has had creative writing in her blood, inherited from her grandfather, Hiram Kindig.

The first time Jessica realized how much she loved writing was when she was about six years old. She wrote a childrens story, complete with drawings, of a baby panda and a baby elephant who got separated from their families and worked together to get back home. The smiles and praise she received henceforth inspired her to further her own dreamland from her home in the woods of Pennsylvania. Her interests include math, jewelry-making, and Japans language and culture, but mostly anime.

(2016, Paperback, 116 pages)