The Secrets Within

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The Secrets Within

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The Secrets Within
by S. L. Courtney

I wrote "The Secrets Within" in order to dry the tears. Even though small parts of this story is about my personal life. It also includes incidents of things that happen to friends, family and strangers all combined into one little girl. I hope that this book will challenge those of you who have been or in this particular situation will find the strength to tell or talk to someone. I pray every night for guidance for men, women, boys and girls to find their way out.

In todays world, more and more children are coming forward about abuses sexual, emotional, and physical in nature. Abuse crosses all lines of income, race, and geography, leaving its many victims sometimes struggling to lead a normal life.

S. L. Courtneys story, The Secrets Within, is about a girl growing up in Texas and the abuse she suffered at the hands of several men during her upbringing. Despite these hardships, however, the girl knew how to have fun and succeed in life through participating in school activities like choir and drill team, both of which she enjoyed immensely. She even went on to college, which was something she thought was impossible for someone from her background.

The Secrets Within shows that abuse may be a part of a persons life, but it doesnt have to ruin that persons life. Ms. Courtneys story is one that is meant to be a testament to the human spirit, and the reader may find herself cheering the protagonist on through her many tryouts, competitions, and romantic endeavors as she searches for the man who will love her, not abuse her.

About the Author

Born in Dallas, Texas, S. L. Courtney is still a Texan. After attending Franklin D. Roosevelt High School and Jarvis Christian College. Mrs. Courtney is now married to her soulmate and her daughter is a college graduate. All living in a small North Texas town.

(2009, paperback, 140 pages)