The Serpent's Tooth

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The Serpent's Tooth

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The Serpent's Tooth
by John Osipowicz

In William Shakespeares play King Lear, the aging king has three daughters, but only one who truly loves him. He is not aware of this love until it is too late.

Richard Learman, a high school friend of Detective Millard Whitney, also has three daughters. Like Lear, Richard suspects all three daughters disrespect him. In Richards case, however, disrespect could have turned into murder.

For the sake of his friend, Millard investigates this case, trying to discover if Richards suspicion about his daughters was accurate. Did they dislike him so much that one, two, or all three of them murdered their father?

About the Author

The author was born in Madison, Wisconsin, to parents who loved him dearly but were very quiet people. Because his parents didnt speak very much, he had time to think. He still likes that kind of silence.

The author now lives with his wife across from a horse farm, thirty miles outside of Philadelphia. They have a dog who barks at everything that isnt herself and a cat who is so chubby shes been mistaken for a raccoon. Most of his life, the author has taught English to high school students. This is his first published novel.

(2011, paperback, 264 pages)