The Shadow's Beginning

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The Shadow's Beginning
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The Shadow's Beginning
by Michael G. Dunkley Jr.

The Shadow's Beginning is the first volume of many to come. The story is based off a comic designed, written, and illustrated by Michael Dunkley.

A scientist accidentally creates the first artificial super human. It was an abandoned project code named Silver. The unknown life form ends up evolving into much more. The main character is a new hero with untold possibilities. He is the first of a new race called Shadows.

Follow his story filled with love, loss, and determination to survive. Join the hero's quest, and in the end you will understand why it's called the beginning.

About the Author

Author and storyteller Michael G. Dunkley Jr. is a man of many talents. Since he was a boy, he always had an exceptional ability to tell a good story. It just seems to come naturally to him. As a child, he spent most of his time getting into trouble. He grew up in Middletown, Connecticut, learning how to skateboard, rollerblade, and draw. He soon realized his storytelling and drawing could take him places only he could imagine. Now he has created the biggest unheard sci-fi action adventure story ever. He invites you to strap in for the ride to his world. It will be an experience you won't forget.

(2012, paperback, 96 pages)