The Shepherd's Path

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The Shepherd's Path

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The Shepherds Path

Georgia Frances Brister Morris

The Shepherds Path is the story of one Texas frontier familys journey across the stage of a historic century and how it impacted the life of a firstborn daughter, Georgia Brister Morris.

These chronicled events provide a taste of what life was like for families who lived through the first quarter of the twentieth century, the challenges of the Great Depression, the grief and sacrifices of World War II, and the explosion of golden opportunities following the war. In 1940 Georgia Frances Brister, supported by a loving family and secure in her faith that her guardian angel would accompany her, along with other young women from across the country, went to Washington, D.C., to work for the government.

It remains a mystery why she was chosen for special work in the White House, where she was assigned to the staff of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. These experiences in the White House were memorable for many reasons.

In 1946 Georgia Brister returned to Dallas, Texas, where she found fulltime employment and a church home, where she has been dedicated to the mission of Methodist women.

Truly the Good Shepherd guided and protected the trail of this frontier family to meaningful lives.

About the Author

Georgia Frances Brister Morris was born in 1919 to a young mother and World War I soldier whose orders took him to France the next year. She was nurtured with unconditional love as her parents struggled to carve a future for the family.

She worked as a government girl in Washington, D.C., from 1940 until 1946. Her vision became a reality when an apparently unlikely young woman was taken from the pool of typists preparing war bonds for a special assignment at the White House. There she served four years on the staff of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, a most important person in our nations history.

Upon returning to Texas in 1946, she maintained a home and a fulltime job, served her church, married at the age of thirty-five, and gave birth to a son and daughter. She is now grandmother of four and great-grandmother of three.

(2009, paperback, 172 pages)