The Simplicity of My Poetry

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9142-0
The Simplicity of My Poetry

by Dorothy L. Perry This book, The Simplicity of My Poetry, was created and inspired by the people in my life and my everyday living situations, both past and present. I started writing poetry a little over a year ago. The title came after I prayed and took a selection of my work to put together to form a book. As I would sit and read my poetry, people would say to me, That sounds so good, or Thats beautiful. You should put it in a book. So once again, I prayed and began to create this book you see before you. The Simplicity of My Poetry is heartfelt and spiritually inspiring to those who will have read it. Just a Little Time is one of my favorite poems because it lets the people you talk to know that no matter what situations are going on in your life, you should make time for people you care about, or they will get fed up and leave. There are others, like Blind Gift, My Father, and How Do We Escape. The last one mentioned was designed to inspire those who have been through a situation that was never dealt with properly. Gods love will hopefully let you know that though you may struggle in life and it seems as if no one cares, dont give up, and allow God in your life because the one and only true love comes from him. So as you read The Simplicity of My Poetry, you will see that it covers lifes everyday realities of tragedy and triumph. This book was written from the depths of my soul and spirit, so please, sit back, relax, read, and enjoy. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dorothy L. Perry is a forty-something mother of eight. She just started writing a little over a year ago. She was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, and she is the youngest of six children. She graduated from the Jersey City Adult Program in 2004. She is a certified home health aide, a certified nursing assistant, and a phlebotomist. She loves to read and listen to music, but most of all, she loves to write poetry. Dorothys goals are to one day write a book about her life and more books of poetry. (2006, paperback, 78 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.