The Special Shell

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The Special Shell
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The Special Shell
Written by Marion B. Powell Illustrated by Cathy Burgess Guy

Marion B. Powell and her husband, Jim, often visit the Hawaiian Island of Molokai. There they love to see their son David, his wife Divina, and youngest grandchild, Marion Rose Powell.

This story came into being as a gift from an Ancient One whose essence is on the Island.

Marion mediated while seated in a beautiful tree-shaded arbor; it was covered with vines and the scented blooms of decorative flowering shrubs. This was her practice to always be thankful and in awe of the Paradise this planet offers.

In Marions revelry, she sensed the presence of earth-bound souls. When this happens, she mentally announces her knowledge and instructs those present how to be released from their bondage into the Light.

Marion later learned of the history of the Heiau, an ancient temple formed mainly from fitted rock. Human sacrifice was part of some rituals. One remnant remained of this structure behind the small dwelling she was visiting.

The next morning, as Marion sat eating the delightful Hawaiian bread and papaya, a voice in her head told her to write. Thus the story was dictated and given as a gift for her service. Marion was instructed to share this story.

Marion is humbled and thankful for such a loving gift. She is pleased to present The Special Shell.

(2016, Paperback, 38 pages)