The Spider and the Christmas Tree

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The Spider and the Christmas Tree

The Spider and the Christmas Tree               

By: Sonia Strockyj

About the Book

The family was poor and, even though they had a Christmas tree, they couldn’t afford to decorate it with ornaments as they have done in the past. And so, on Christmas Eve, the mother and her children went to bed knowing that they would have a bare Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

The spider in the home heard the mother’s prayers and saw the children’s sad faces and decided they would not see the Christmas tree bare in the morning.

The spider created beautiful webs on the Christmas tree, decorating it with elegant and beautiful silky patterns.


About the Author

Sonia Strockyj is a native New Yorker who received her degree in education. After four years of teaching in New York, she moved to Eastern Europe with her husband and children. Many of her books were inspired by living abroad. 

Sonia resides now in Pennsylvania with her children. She is an educator specialist in a public school and behavior therapist in a local family center.


(2019, Paperback, 30 pages)              

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