The Storm before the Calm: A Story of Heartache and Abuse

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The Storm before the Calm: A Story of Heartache and Abuse
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The Storm before the Calm: A Story of Heartache and Abuse
by Denise Carucci LoGiudice

This is the true story of the life Denise Carucci LoGiudice lived from being a young, naive seventeen-year-old who then went on to marry the love of her life, only to find out the hard way that everything isnt always as it seems. She let him into her heart, and he led her into a life of abuse.

She was young and in love and looking for a future, but he was only interested in drinking, drugs, and abusing her any way he could. After seventeen years of living the life of an abused woman, she finally found the strength to leave him before it was too late.

Someone had entered her life and gave her the courage and inspiration she needed to do just that. She finally had someone to stand up for her and not let her be abused any longer; she now calls that person her husband.

Based on all her years as a victim of abuse, she unfortunately has quite a story to tell. It was a long journey for her, but her passion to tell her story was far greater than the pain and suffering she had endured.

About the Author

Denise was born and raised in Middle Village, New York. She grew up with a brother and three sisters. Although her parents divorced when she was young, her parents were always there for their children. To this day she shares a great bond with them as well as her siblings.

Denise attended beauty school and received a license in cosmetology. From there she was on her way to becoming a responsible adult.

Her greatest joy in life is being a mother; nothing beats cookies-and-milk time with her children. She is currently living on Long Island with her family, and every day is still a struggle to put the abuse behind her.

Denise loves to read and has always had a desire to write stories. She finally had decided to write her own.

(2012, paperback, 96 pages)