The Storms of Life

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The Storms of Life

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The Storms of Life
by Minister Thelma Baker King

I, Minister Thelma Baker King, was a successful businesswoman who had everything, and I had my whole life planned. I had a successful barber shop and boutique and was flying all over the world until the storms of life came. I was not saved and did not have a personal relationship with God. I was in the Church but did not know Him.

Then came February 13, 1993. After that horrible morning, I knew nothing would ever be the same again for me or my daughter. I did not know my life and everyone I loved so dearly would change forever or that we as a family would never be able to go back to our way of living. God had a plan for our lives.

I never knew and could never have dreamed the following five years would bring me to the point of being brokenhearted. There was so much pain and suffering, so many tears and so much shame. For the first year and a half, my mind was blown into pieces as if a storm had ripped through my home and my life without warning. You can never put your life back where it was. Only God can roll back darkness that covers a life and replace it with light.

I could only think I was in hell right here on earth. So much happened; so many secrets came out of the closet. I was dealing with so many peoples problems that I lost myself. My whole life was consumed by dealing with others attitudes. Then I realized only God can change others feelings toward me. I cannot change anyones perception.

About the Author

Minister Thelma Baker King is the founder of I.B.G. Ministry, a ministry for hurting women that came from prayer and fasting. Minister King is an ordained minister of the Gospel. She is also the author of When a Woman Is Chosen by God.

Minister King is a songwriter; she has written over sixteen songs. She is also a prayer warrior, a woman who has unwavering faith in God. You believe God this day.

(2008, paperback, 32 pages)