The Story of 10 Young High Priestesses

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The Story of 10 Young High Priestesses
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The Story of 10 Young High Priestesses
by Kristy Blackfeathers

This is the story of the ten young high priestess vampire babies, left behind but not forgotten. The girls were born vampires and their mothers were all high priestesses who died after the girls were born. Their fathers threw them away. The girls live in a supernatural orphanage. All they have is each other to depend on in a world that hates them.

One by one, each girl finds her life mate and one by one their lives are changed and turned for the better. They finally find all they are searching for, all their lives. They find true love and a true family that wants them. Never before have they felt loved and wanted.

About the Author:

The name of all involved in writing this book are: Kristy, Kayleann, Aristellie, Nicolet, Terry, Melidy, Terissa, Tarna, Likathe (Littlebit), and Tealamay (Teacup).

These girls had lots of fun putting this book together. They all shared their suggestions of what it would be cool to put into a vampire book. Kristy put all of it into words that made sense, along with her own imagination and ideas.

Kristy has never written a book before. She hopes you enjoy this book as much as they did putting it together. Some of it is true, some of it is false, some of it is fantasy, some of it is hope, some of it is love, some of it is hate, some of it is death, and some of it is life.

(2014, Paperback, 96 pages)