The Street Singer

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The Street Singer

The Street Singer

By: John C. Prosser

About the Book

A literary masterpiece, The Street Singer is a compilation of songs and stories wrapped in a mystery.

After years of struggle on the other side of Nashville, Tennessee, songwriter and inventor John Joseph Miles is at the threshold of a promising music career, along with a lucrative Navy engineering contract. When tragedy strikes, he finds himself the victim of a conspiracy.

After returning to his hometown, John finds his one true love, Franky, to be not so true. Franky has shared the secrets of his invention with deviant Phil Morris, a member of the Fifth Chapter vigilante. Morris wants it all: the girl, the invention, and the dream. And he’s willing to go to any length to get it.

This novel is a warning to the aspiring artist. Based on the author’s personal experience, the story reveals a world of opportunity, the pitfalls of stardom, and valuable lesson for the recovering alcoholic.


About the Author

Orphaned at age 7, John C. Prosser was taken in by a Midwestern dairy farmer where he learned the meaning of a hard day’s work. Born with a visual impairment, he is no stranger to adversity. He lives to inspire others to pursue their dreams and overcome their challenges. Fluent in the art of research and development, Prosser offers technical advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. He also has a love for animals, enjoys tinkering in his shop, reading history, and a good game of chess. He resides in Saint Augustine, Florida.


(2019,Paperback, 284 pages)