The Suffering Man (A Book of Poetry)

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The Suffering Man (A Book of Poetry)
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The Suffering Man (A Book of Poetry)
by Hopeton Gray

This book of poetry is about life and our emotional struggles. Like the Ten Commandments, love is the focal point of this book. We are lifes prisoners and individually we are always struggling to be free within our confines.

The poems express pain, love, hope, and sometimes our dreams. The lyrics crave for a better tomorrow, where the Garden of Eden might become our reality.

This book of poetry is another representation of this poets literary creativity.

About the Author

Hopeton Gray was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He is the only son amongst the six children from the marriage of Mrs. Hilda Gray and Mr. George Gray.

He came from humble beginnings; however, during his mid-teens his fate changed due to lifes mystic wand, and he went to London. It was during the sixties, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Carnaby Street era, and London was then on fire.

He become a grade A student while at school in South London. It soon became evident that the academic path was just what the higher powers ordained. His upward spiral was a destiny propelled by Grace; indeed, it was atonement for a turbulent childhood existence.

The author eventually graduated from an Ivy League university (the best university in the world), the University of Sydney, Australia.

This author is literate and imaginative. He might be the next Sean OCasey, James Joyce, or, even better still, Alexandre Dumas. Who knows?

(2012, paperback, 66 pages)