The Surly Pine

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The Surly Pine

The Surly Pine

By: Sakis Statheson

About the Book

In a city far, far away, there once lived a pine in the town square—but not just any ordinary pine—a surly one. This particular pine was very mean and only cared about itself. Animals from all over town begged it to allow them to sit in this tree’s shade and play in its branches, but the pine always turned them away.

One day, however, something happens that makes the pine change its surly ways forever. Once the pine truly understands the values of friendship, love, and kindness, it’s not so surly anymore. The Surly Pine is a unique fable that both teaches and engages young readers through its unique setting and vivid illustrations.


About the Author

Author Sakis Statheson was born in Greece in 1980 and grew up in the province as well. In his home, he had a lot of animals, mainly dogs and cats. From a young age, he loved fairy tales with animals, especially the myths of Aesop. He wants, through his stories, to transmit messages and values such as love and friendship.

Statheson is also an Officer in the Armed Forces. As a member of numerous animal and environmental organizations, he loves nature and the animals that encompass it very much. In his home, he has two cute dogs, Jack and Lucille. Statheson enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, and, of course, writing fairytales.


(2019, Hardcover, 36 pages)


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