The Symphony of the Night

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The Symphony of the Night

The Symphony of the Night

By: Matthew Walker

About the Book

This is the main character of this book that you are about to read. Before you open this book and before you read it with your own eyes, I thought I would like to introduce myself. You may call me The Maestro. I’m the main character of this book. While you’re reading, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll wonder how I was created. My creator is the same author of this book.

It’s imperative that you read this book. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on something spectacular and you wouldn’t want that to happen. Read this book every single day! Make this book the most important thing in your life! Why should this book be important to you? Because it’s the greatest book that has ever been created, that’s why! This book has credibility because it shows what happens when a person embraces the darkness and shows the world how truly amazing the dark side of life really is. My creator truly has a beautiful, twisted, and dark mind.

This is unique because it’s a book of poems in a horror/musical setting. Enjoy yourself and happy reading!


About the Author

While Matthew Christian was growing up, he always had a passion for music. He wanted to be a singer/songwriter, but that has yet to happen. As a child he loved horror movies. He discovered poet/author Edgar Allan Poe. After reading “The Raven,” he instantly admired Poe. Because of his admiration for Poe, he decided to try writing his own poems. Writing became a pastime and turned into a passion. This book can be relevant to anybody who enjoys horror, poems, musicals, and anyone who loves the dark side of life.


(2019, Paperback, 116 pages)

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