The Technological Laws and Intellectual Conquest of the U.S.A.

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The Technological Laws and Intellectual Conquest of the U.S.A.

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The Technological Laws and Intellectual Conquest of the U.S.A.
by Dr. Valentine Nesnov

In my book, it was demonstrated first that:

Any object or technology is a materialized intellect and work is a process of realization of artificial and natural intellects;
Technologies exist everywhere where there is a change, movement, and human, interaction, and all the sciences have a need in the technological knowledge since the technology quality provides the development of a system, the quality of production, and the size of profit;
The quality of technology can be defined by creative intellectual potential that is realized in this quality of technology. Since the measurement scale is missing, however, the quality of technology is measured by importance of ecological, economic, social, judicial, and other indicators.

In my book, you will see the postulates of the new theory Theory of Ergatic Systems, human technological systems. There is enough evidence to assume that the process of degradation of technological quality takes place in country instead of its development; the country needs an urgent diagnostic of the technological quality. The attempts made by economists to correct their mistakes by the economical methods dont solve the current problems but only hide these problems so they can appear with more power later.

About the Author

In 1964 Dr. Nesnov graduated from Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1969 he received his first Ph.D. and in 1986 his second Ph.D. He became a doctor of technological and organizational sciences. For more than forty years, he was a professor, instructing undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students. His specialization is in theoretical technology.

Dr. Nesnov published eight monographs regarding the human reliability and one monograph, Business and Politics in the Light of the Theory of Ergatic Systems. He is also coauthor of The Technological Encyclopedia. Dr. Nesnov published more than one hundred thirty science articles.

(2009, paperback, 228 pages)