The Three Witches of Hedgewick

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The Three Witches of Hedgewick

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The Three Witches of Hedgewick
by Annette M. O'Neil

Written in the tradition of folklore, The Three Witches of Hedgewick is a cautionary tale of a restless evening that culminates in an otherworldly encounter. Beautifully expressed through rhyme, the narrator takes the reader on a journey deep into the woods. This story is part of a collection of poems that explores moments in time, some whimsical, but no less relevant. Here is the place where we set aside our personal cares. It is here that we become part of something bigger than ourselves.

About the Author

Annette ONeil, daughter of a working class family, was born in Alpena in 1963. She has lived her life in northern Michigan and worked at various jobs, currently as a registered nurse. She has had prior publication by The National Library of Congress for her poem The Ausable River. Painting from independent study, her works with oil on canvas resulted in several art exhibits at Art in the Loft, a local art gallery. She continues to explore her creativity through various media.

(2010 paperback, 32 pages)