The Toothless Fairy (How She Lost Her Teeth)

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The Toothless Fairy (How She Lost Her Teeth)

The Toothless Fairy (How She Lost Her Teeth)

By: Ronza R. Nash, PhD

About the Book

The Toothless Fairy (How She Lost Her Teeth) is a whimsical account of the adventures of Lady Kady on her tooth fairy duties.


About the Author

Ronza R. Nash, PhD served 15 years as a U.S. Marine. Her many duty stations took her across the county, as well as overseas. In Okinawa she worked as a TV motion picture documentation specialist at FEN (The Far East Network) with her boss Dale Dye. When she worked in Puerto Rico she had a late night radio show at Roosevelt Roads.

As a civilian, Nash worked for WTTE Channel 28 before it was a Fox affiliate, where she got satellite feeds and bought the station on air before stations were 24 hours. She also worked at Chanel 21, an independent channel in Columbus, Ohio. She worked for the Department of Defense as a video production specialist, where her work on the video A Link in the Chain won acclaim at the DLA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Also, she owned a small video production in Columbus, Ohio. She earned a Masters and PhD in broadcast communications and is retired and now living out west.


(2018, Hardcover, 30 pages)

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