The Torch of Humanity

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The Torch of Humanity
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The Torch of Humanity
by Joe Renzi

Tommy Dalton is a young boy living on a farm near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in 1924. Through a series of family events, he gets an opportunity to accompany his uncle to Washington D.C. for one year. After being shunned as an outsider at an exclusive private school, Tommy convinces his uncle to allow him to go to a colored school. With the support of his uncle, Tommy puts together a baseball team from his new school to challenge the boys from the first school he attended.

As the events of the baseball challenge and the two World Series of 1924 unfold, Tommy learns as much about life as he does about baseball. His schoolteacher, Mr. Dwyer, teaches his students that the barriers of ignorance can only be broken down with passion, education, unity, and integrity, even while he faces being removed from the school for teaching the theory of evolution. In baseball, Tommy learns the value of friendship, the power of teamwork, and the pride of playing for something greater than the game itself. And through it all, Tommy learns about himself and discovers his desire to pass the torch and light the way for the next generation.

About the Author

Joe Renzi lives in southwestern Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters. He is an educator in a small rural school. This book is the second of a series of books in the Best of Seven Series.

(2012, paperback, 214 pages)