The Treasure

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The Treasure

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The Treasure
by Patricia T. Hale

The Treasure is a book about a little chipmunk named Jeb, who has trouble walking. Despite his disability, Jeb tries to do all the things he wants to do with his sister Zoe and brother Joe. Jeb may not be the fastest chipmunk, but walking slowly gives him the opportunity to enjoy the nature all around him. Because Jeb is unable to run and keep up with Zoe and Joe, he is able to give aid to Baby Mouse. Read the book to find out how Jeb may save the day.

About the Author

I am Trish. I live in Dublin, Virginia, with my husband, Keith, and our three daughters, Amy, Lori, and Samantha. I have a bachelors degree in interdisciplinary studies from Radford University, and I am currently working on a masters degree from Liberty University in special education. I am also a sales professional for a real estate firm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I enjoy baking and decorating cakes, flying with my husband, and time at the beach with our girls.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)