The Tribes of the Littles - eBook

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The Tribes of the Littles - eBook

The Tribes of the Littles

By: Pamela L. Volpert


About the Book

Have you ever wondered about the Little people that live under the plants and flowers? The Littles, led by Master Elder Krog, have a great love for all the people and animals that share the Hollows. With their companions, they co-exist with nature. Henna Rose is a grandmother that loves baking for her ever-growing family. Honey cakes are her specialty! She is a healer for the Hollow. She and the other Littles will go on an exciting adventure with a special purpose and find themselves in a much larger world!

The Tribes of the Littles is an uplifting and encouraging insight into those among us who have extra challenges and illustrates their amazing value. 



About the Author

Pamela L. Volpert has decades of experience as a compassionate caregiver and have been provided with a refreshing perspective on the special qualities found in all people. She has a great love for people and animals and supports many different animal rescue groups.


(2020, eBook)