The Un-United States of America

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The Un-United States of America
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The Un-United States of America
by Ronald Schoenewolf

Imagine what it would be like if the United States was divided in half with Republicans governing one half and Democrats the other half.

In this work of fiction, the author explains how he thinks each political party would govern its particular part of the Un-United States of America, based on the ideological history of each political party.

This book tells how the States were divided, how moving from one part to the other was accomplished, about how the border between the two new countries was operated, and what life was like in each new country. Without opposition from the other party, how would the Republicans and Democrats deal with taxes, education, the budget, abortion, immigration, and healthcare?

About the Author

Ronald L. Schoenewolf is a retired teacher, coach, and high school counselor. He taught high school American history, American government, world history, and world geography.

Ronald is a lifelong Democrat and has been involved in politics and the political scene for decades. He has served as a delegate to political conventions several times.

Currently living in Las Vegas, Rons interests include hiking, listening to music (especially jazz), movies, traveling, and writing.

Ronald is especially proud to be a 5 + gallon blood donor and to have served in the United States Army.

(2012, paperback, 86 pages)