The Unexpected

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The Unexpected

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The Unexpected

Nwaoha Ugochukwu C.

The Unexpected is a story of a man named Chionye, who comes from a very poor family background in a remote land known as the Umuola Village, which is in the eastern part of the country. He desires so much to become a great personality in his life through self-struggle and self-support.

This story takes its title from the crucial and tragic events that take place in the story. These events are the main keys that open the door of understanding of this book to the readers. Other events here, however, show dreams come true in Chionyes life. From a young age, he has thought of traveling to London to further his education at Oxford University and becoming popular and having a great personality, not only in London but also in his country.

To achieve this goal, Chionye begins with a small job as the best idea to attaining greatness. His courage, determination, and resistance in his pursuit makes it possible for his dreams to come to pass, and this becomes a welcome development in Chionyes life.

Chionyes braveness to withstand challenges and his example of equality in humanity brings emancipation to the black students over racism. He shows his ability to attain his popularity and greatness in a nonviolent manner by stopping the rioting black students. This and many others are interesting characteristics of Chionye and events that happen in this story.

About the Author

I was born 1 March 1973 in Umuosu Nsulu, Isiala Ngwa Local Government Area, in the eastern part of Nigeria. I gained admission to Umunna Comprehensive Secondary School in Umuosu in 1987 and finished my secondary school level in 1994.

I am a Christian and was born and raised in a Christian home. I am happily married to my dear wife, Christiana, and God has blessed us with a child. Concerning my career, I will say I discovered my interest in writing when I was in secondary school, and then we had a Press Club, which were used as a media network to pass messages to the students.

Some of the books I have written are The Wicked Wife and Family, My Journey Is My Life, and The Unknown in Sowing and Reaping. (2009, paperback, 110 pages)