The Universe Legend

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The Universe Legend
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The Universe Legend
by LTR Orneil

My name is Laurance Taylor Rallieh (LTR) of Ornelas. I am bonded to my namesake by my orphaned great-grandmother, who was adopted by the House/Ornelas family in 1900 around southern Arizona. She was an Irish immigrant brought to America as an infant. Her parents died of influenza and she was given to the Catholic Church for care. As a member of adulthood, she married back into the family.

Today I server as chief historian for the house of Ornelas in Arizona and their archives/library and serve as coauthor with my great uncle of the universe legend. They serve as (pre)history keepers and trusted me to finish this book. The Universe Legend was finished in 1998 and took me thirty years to do so because most of the texts used to resource it were in languages long forgotten to time or no longer spoken. It is only being published now to coincide with the birthday of the earth in February 13, 2012. Most of the events and places of real occurrences that have not been changed, nor have the characters of real-life people living in the past, present, and future. So please enjoy book one, The Road to Farinazona.

(2012, paperback, 494 pages)