The Urban Yogi - eBook

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The Urban Yogi - eBook

The Urban Yogi

An Autobiography and Self-Help Book in Ayurveda, Extensive Food List, and Formula for Self-Realization

By: Noel Gilbert

About the Book and Author

I am writing this book because I have been knocking on God’s door a lot and I believe he is about ready to open it for me… I have been slipping in and out of realization and thought I should at least record it for those people who need the breadcrumbs to follow and who need inspirational stories to help them move further down their spiritual path… The real reason I am writing this book is that God told me to… We will get into this! …His divine orchestration… His will, verses your will… How to recognize his will… Yes! …The reason I am writing this book is because: what is true in God anywhere, is true in God everywhere… You cannot go there by hoarding the knowledge to the path… What goes in must come out… It is a law of nature, like gravity… Or if you do not use it, you lose it… or, on the other hand, if you abuse it, you lose it.


May God’s Love for you, always be upper most on your mind and heart.


With all my love,



(2019, eBook)