The User's Manual

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The User's Manual

The User's Manuel

By: Tomi Kelly

About the Book

The User's Manual is a practical approach to examining the consequences of substance use before one picks up that first drink or drug. Written with to be an easy read with language common to all readers and relatable, this book is designed to remove the ability of the reader to say, “I didn't know the consequences.” Enclosed are real-life scenarios, pharmacological examples, and the disease process to gain a better insight on the downward spiral of substance abuse. Tomi Kelly offers readers and their families hope and healing from their addiction.


About the Author

Author Tomi Kelly is a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor by trade with eighteen years in the industry including experience in teaching, coaching, and administration. Kelly is committed to the healing process from substance use and to deter others not to begin the cycle.


(2020, Paperback, 58 Pages)


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