The Vampire Slayer: A One Direction Vampire Story

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The Vampire Slayer: A One Direction Vampire Story
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The Vampire Slayer: A One Direction Vampire Story
by Summer Sprague

Since you are a famous vampire slayer in New York City, you are used to getting called out when a vampire is spotted. But one call you receive changes your life

You come across the most wanted vampire there is - Niall Horan. In order to save your life, you make a deal with him - as long as you keep him fed, he wont bite you. But how long will you be able to keep this up? Can you trust this vampire to keep his side of the deal? And why are these strange feelings surfacing whenever you are near him?

Just when trust might be settling between the both of you, Niall gets captured by the Elite Vampires and is held a prisoner in Harrys apartment. But when you come to save him, you find out it was a trick and Harry has only one reason for your being there

Will Niall and you - along with help from Louis, Liam, and Zayn be able to escape alive before midnight?

About the Author:

Summer Sprague is a very charismatic and energetic teenager. She was born in Florida and lives there with her family. Shes a dedicated Directioner who loves to write fan fiction about the well-known and loved band One Direction.

When Summer is not writing, she spends much of her free time drawing and making picture collages.

(2015, Paperback, 154 pages)