The Vision: Christian Plays & Skits

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The Vision: Christian Plays & Skits
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The Vision: Christian Plays & Skits
by Dr. Venetia Bradford Green

The Vision: Christian Plays and Skits is an anointed message from God ministering His mercy, love, and grace through drama. This book is powerful, and it will touch the hearts of many as it illustrates Gods love, judgment, and mercy. It also demonstrates Gods compassion while declaring that there is still hope for the lost, weary, and forgotten. Once we have truly given our life to Christ, according to John 3:16, then salvation opens up the doorway for God to do an inside/outside healing and deliverance in us.

God inspired my spirit to write this book many years ago, to use these plays and skits as a way to save and deliver a lost and dying world. This book will also make you take inventory of your own life as it makes you laugh and cry. These plays and skits are a great witnessing opportunity that will help to depopulate Hell in this last hour. This book proclaims: Warning to the nations that time is winding up!

Finally, I challenge you to choose, this day, who you will serve. Will it be God or the devil?

It was with great honor that my mother, the late Evangelist Retha Roberson Bradford, a great woman of God, encouraged me to publish this book. He that hath an ear let him hear what God is saying to you before he returns to the earth for his bride.

About the Author

Dr. Venetia Bradford Green is an ordained minister who has been in the ministry for 23 years and has served as a pastor for10 years. She is a seasoned prophetess whose prophetic gift was confirmed in 1973 when she gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ at age 13. She is founder and senior pastor of Vision Deliverance Church, Inc. and Vision Evangelistic Outreach Mission, Inc., located in Salisbury, Maryland and Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Prophetess V. Greens formal education includes a B.A. in theology and Christian education. On October 26, 2010, she received an honorary doctorate degree.

Prophetess V. Green is a distinguished member of the ministerial staff of the International Ministerial Fellowship of Jameson Evangelistic Association. Called and commissioned as a prophetess, she teaches evangelist training at the School of the Prophets and has dedicated her life to educating the body of Christ and the unsaved through the teaching and preaching of salvation, deliverance, and inner healing, a measure to shut the gates of Hell.

(2012, paperback, 58 pages)