The Vision...The Voice

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The Vision...The Voice
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The Vision...The Voice
by Christopher Charles Howarth

Take a day an ordinary day a day like any other... the author Christopher Charles Howarth is about to tell you in this book how his life was changed forever in a mind blowing moment!

Chris was born into a working class family. He worked in a job he loved. He would tell you that he always felt protected, but did not associate this with anything special. Little did he know that he was being gently led into a world of magical mystery and intrigue. Though it took him 38 years to be rudely awakened, he now knows all was mapped out and truly meant for him in his lifetime

What you are about to read will probably stun you into the realisation that, while we think we all stand alone in this world, this is far from the truth: NOBODY walks alone.

This book is quite simply a biography of a man's life that was changed by an incredible event one day in December 1992. This day completely turned the authors world upside down.

Little did Chris realize, that a road so wonderful, a road so incredibly eventful, was being carved out in front of him to prove to himself and others that death is not the END.

If you are a person searching for solace in your life this book is for you. The author wants you to experience his world, from his Alpha to his now Omega, a world of wonderful communication between here and the world of spirit.

Chris experiences of being steered into this extremely rare avenue of medium-ship, will amaze you. This book spells out hope, love, health and prosperity. You see, Chris holds the big Secret of life within himself. He wants you to be part of his world. This book may just open something up in you that you have been searching for all your life.

And one day, who knows you may want to meet Chris yourself.

(2014, Paperback, 74 pages)