The Voices Within

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The Voices Within

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The Voices Within
by Kadodo Webster F

This anthology is a collection of feelings arising from varying experiences ranging from the full impact of colonialism and the weight of authoritarianism in the history of a people. Some of the poems are based on internal voices resultant of exploited people during colonialism and economic meltdowns such as the one experienced in Zimbabwe in the recent years. Other poems are a collection of experiences by Zimbabweans who travelled to neighbouring countries to buy commodities for resale to make ends meet.

The Voices Within is a must read for all those who care about human conditions in our worlds perchance we may do something about these voices within.

About the Author

The author was born in 1960 in a family of six, three boys and three girls. (Of the three girls two are late. May their souls rest in eternal peace.). He is Zimbabwean and was born in the Midlands Province in Gokwe District. Like many other Zimbabweans born at the time, he experienced the full impact of colonialism, armed struggle and the recent economic meltdown experienced in Zimbabwe. All these historical antecedents culminated in The Voices Within.

The author is a lecturer at The Great Zimbabwe University where he teaches English in The Curriculum Department. He is into research in language and literature teaching as well as teacher education. His hobbies are reading, fishing and soccer watching.

(2012, paperback, 48 pages)