The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal

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The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal

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The Voyager and the Stolen Crystal
by LeRoy Paine

Josh Clayton and his father, John, start a trip from Miami to Bermuda and encounter a storm that washes Joshs father overboard and starts Josh on a journey of intrigue and adventure. Pirates, a mystery ship that appears and disappears, love, betrayal, and the Voyager are just some of the surprises that Josh must deal with. New times, new worlds, and untold secrets are found on each step of the adventure. This book provides ones insight into a world of questions about the existence of people from other worlds and their impact on our planet over the centuries.

About the Author

LeRoy Paine is a veteran of forty-three years in the aviation industry and has traveled throughout the world. He is father of three sons, Christopher, Patrick and James and has an associates degree in general studies. An alumnus of Kansas University, he is an avid Jayhawks fan and supporter. Science fiction has always been an interest, from Star Wars to Star Trek. Writing became a hobby with poetry and then grew to the completion of this book. Now retired, his desire is to continue writing about the world and the unknown as well as the known.

(2010, hardback, 88 pages)