The Watchman: Part One

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The Watchman: Part One
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The Watchman: Part One
by Cambro

The story opens in 1948 with Gerald Mitchell, a good family man, contemplating murder even as a mysterious watchman strives to deter him: I know, even if you do not, he tells Gerald. That when confronted with that life and death choice you will not pull the trigger. So why dirty yourself unnecessarily by going up those steps?!

Geralds actions that night propel him, unwittingly, into a titanic battle between good and evil forces, embodied by two haunting spirits. This battle extends far into the future, involving the descendents of Gerald Mitchell, told in Parts II, III, and IV.

In The Watchman, author Cambro blends elements of love, hate, grand ambition, science, religion, history, and fantasy but all with an over-riding touch of the supernatural.

About the Author

Cambro was born and raised in New York City and has led a quiet professional life for many years. It is sufficient to say that his passion is simply to tell compelling, but entertaining, stories that go beyond the normal boundaries of human experience.

(2014, Paperback, 194 pages)