The Waterway

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8668-6
The Waterway
by Barbara Reukema Detective Sergeant Timothy Wallace stumbles across a body washed ashore at an English seaside town. When murder appears to be the cause of death, suspicion falls on Nicole Carlisle, a forty-something single mother from a village in the Midlands. Although she claims to be a professional courier, if the gossip is to be believed, Nicole is also involved with witchcraft. Tims life is in shambles. His affair with one of Loworth Police Stations female detectives has hit a serious roadblock. His boss, DCI Sylvia Baker, blames him for everything from the stray dog that has made its home in the station car park to her inability to link the local couriers to some serious smuggling. His talent for self-destructive honesty compounds Tims problems when he suggests to his boss that the waterlogged corpse is in some way connected to her failure to arrest a drug baron three years earlier. Although instructed to build a case against Nicole, Tim finds himself falling for her, and he accompanies her on a courier assignment. Days later the body of her contact is found at the foot of a cliff. Tim tries to write this off as a coincidence, but when he is attacked on the footpath of the local canal, the trail of evidence once more leads to Nicole. His efforts to prove her innocence turn into a race against time to save Nicoles life and prevent a tragedy on The Waterway. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born in England, Barbara Reukema arrived in Canada when she was twenty-four, armed with a master's degree in business. After a career as a stockbroker, she gave up the financial fast track to attend law school. Six years later, she held three law degrees (including a doctorate in air and space law), and was married with two sons. In the early eighties, the family moved to Los Angeles. In addition to her doctoral thesis, which dealt with the airlines rights to refuse to fly certain passengers, she has published a number of articles on that subject. She is a former marathon runner and has held jobs ranging from census taker to law school professor. Her parents retired to a small English village in Leicestershire, similar to the setting of this novel. She travels extensively but feels most at home when shes back in England. (2008, paperback, 334 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.